Hi all,

This primal journey is a health related one for me (Celiac)...I'm 46, used to be in pretty good shape (yoga, dancing, walking all over nyc, etc), but had a baby 7 yrs ago, so it kicked in a period of hardcore Celiac and a LOT of sitting around.

It's been about 7 months on Paleo...Doing pretty well (eating great, lost some weight, feeling better, but still too much sugar in the form of "paleo treats" - so still some work to do! I'm no good with counting out portions, have no idea the ratio of fat to carb to protein I'm getting). I've been trying to go for long walks at least 3-4 x's a week (which feels great), but with winter approaching, I know that I will stagnate there to almost nothing unless I join a cheap gym for their treadmill.

I've downloaded the primal fitness pdf, but I have never been good with "workouts" or plans or diets...so this concept of a workout plan is a bit tough.

Any words of wisdom for me other than "stop whining and get to it"? ha. (I'm a little thrown by all the cross training talk on the paleo sites, with the reps and numbers and aiyaiyai) Thanks in advance.