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Thread: Where do I start? Overwhelmed by the excercise part of this...

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    Don't be overwhelmed, it's really easy. Honestly!

    At first, get yourself out for a walk as often as possible. If you work, try and have a wander on your lunch-break every day. No breaking a sweat, just take a nice stroll for thirty minutes at a time.

    After a week or so, take one of those days and instead of walking, go to the Lift Heavy Things section of the PDF and see how many Push-ups, Pullups and Squats you can do and how long you can hold a Plank. Then look at the list and see where you should start out on the progression.

    Have a walk the next day.

    Day after, have a go at the LHT stuff for your particular level for each exercise. Aim for the target number. Don't be put off if your numbers don't hit the target. It's just a target. You'll get there.

    Keep up the walking.

    The week after, hit the gym and jump on a treadmill one day. Walk for a bit then pump up the speed for 20-30 seconds until you're sprinting. Walk for two minutes then do it again. Do the sprinting part 8-10 times, say 20 mins.

    If you've not got a gym, look for a nice hill on one of your walks. Sprint up it, wander back down and repeat 8-10 times.

    All simple. Just get out and get walking and the rest will fall into place.

    Or swimming? I'm horrible at it (and don't enjoy it myself) but there's a good place to do some sprinting and some Moving Slowly.

    Nice and easy. One thing at a time. You'll get there.

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    All through my 20s and 30s I would work out sporadically, especially if I had a regular partner for racquetball. These impulses always lasted 6 months to a year and then went away for a while.

    In late 30's (my age, not the year) I started bicycling to work--small step.

    In my 40s I decided that even more regular exercise was something I needed for the rest of my life (no unachievable goals) and that it was as important as a doctor or dental appointment, therefore, Tuesdays, Thursdays and most Saturdays I "had an appointment". People started to learn not to even ask me to do something else at those times. I've kept those appointments, except for vacations, etc. since 1990.

    For me, going to the gym works. I know everyone can't, but there is always something else to do at home.

    Trough learning about "lift heavy things" my workout has evolved to a place I wouldn't have imagined when I started just riding my bike every day--I'm one off the free-weight geeks at my gym now at the age of 64.

    Small steps.

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    Everyone, this is all so helpful! There is a consistency to the responses...I will sit with them all for awhile. I believe that in my quick bursts of being able to sit with this stuff, I've failed to really grasp what the PDF has to offer (can't even call up in my mind what exactly is in there at the moment, so there you go!). I think that because this is all a "health" thing for me (spent so much time prior to discovery of this holed up in my own little world of not feeling good), I spend a lot of time focusing on the food aspect and avoiding all gluten and trying to also feed a picky son and husband (getting there, but my joys in this food are definitely not theirs!). I think I have to focus now on the physical part of it and wrap my head around the fact that this is just as important as the nutrition side. I have a bit of tunnel vision and blinders on when I'm focused on a goal - and the food was it for awhile. It will take some doing, but I've got to include thank you all for the input and encouragement. Very very appreciated.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Credodisi View Post

    Start working on the exercises in the primal fitness PDF. Think of this (and the walking) as the time you devote to your happiness and well-being.
    Great advice...and I love this quote!

    Thanks for starting this thread, slee.


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