I have been eating Primal since March. I have lost 22 pounds. I am a female I am 5' 2" and weigh 110 and my body fat is 12%.
All the meat I eat is 100% grass fed and finished I eat high quality wild salmon at least 2x a week and tons of vegetables. There is absolutely no grains in my diet. I do eat sweet potatoes on hard lifting days and cycling interval training days. I take a high quality omega 3 supplement. I look and feel great.

My question is why have my cholesterol lab values gotten worst? Here are the before Paleo and during Paleo results: I am a 36 years old female.
Cholesterol 159. 229
Triglycerides 65. 57
HDL 59. 67
Cholesterol/HDL 2.69. 3.42
LDL calculated 87. 151
LDL/HDL 1.47. 2.25

Any Helpful comments would be great