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Thread: Questions about STOCK! This stuff is the bomb :)

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    After I slow cook for 24+ hours with some ACV and whatever random kitchen bits I think might be useful, I put everything through a regular strainer and then a mesh strainer, then I pour the liquid back in the crockpot and and some powdered kelp and a cube of himalayan salt (was found at Marshall's for cheap). Simmer that a few more hours until the salt is dissolved. Adds iodine and minerals to make it extra healthy and stuff.

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    I have done it all 3 ways, on the stove, in a crockpot and in a pressure cooker.

    When doing bone-only broths, I throw veggies right in (I save veggie peelings in a container in the freezer until making broth).

    When doing meat/bone broths, I make veggie broth first and use that instead of water to make the meat broth, since I am going to "rescue" the meat and it's easier to not have to pull onion peelings off of bits of meat.

    I save bones from foods like steak or chops until I have enough. When using bought bones, I usually roast them first. I save carcasses from both roasted chickens and turkeys to make broth from (and if you do it in the roasting pan, it's way easy to clean).

    I always use vinegar and don't care if it's "good" or not as the mother is going to get boiled to death anyways. I keep cheapo vinegar around for cleaning, so am more likely to use that. The point of vinegar is to acidify the water so more minerals are leached into the broth; it just needs to be edible and acidic.

    Until recently, I considered 1-2 quarts broth/week to be good for me and my husband, so a pint to a quart per person per week.

    However, I recently started GAPS and am doing a pint to a quart per DAY just myself. If you're going for gut healing, you need a LOT of broth.

    Hubby does not like broth much, he never finishes the liquid in stews and soups. So he gets things like chili made with broth instead of water, or risotto, where the food is thickened up enough that the broth cannot be avoided!

    I like broth straight, especially chicken broth, which I can drink cup after cup of easily. Beef, pork and ham broths I prefer in soups and stews rather than straight.

    Lots more info here: GAPS for T2 diabetes: beef broth

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