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Thread: Questions about STOCK! This stuff is the bomb :)

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    Questions about STOCK! This stuff is the bomb :)


    I must confess that I was somewhat intimidated with making chicken/beef stock, but finally took the plunge and made some last weekend...I am now, officially, addicted to the stuff

    I have read as much as I could on this topic as to not ask repetitive questions, but here is what I am left with:

    1. How much stock do you eat per week? I am talking about what most of you "stock experts" agree is the minimum amount required to derive the maximum nutritional benefits. I am sure this varies based on the "quality" of how and what you put in it. (I made chicken soup and froze a meal size portion in tupperware containers. I have been eating one "bowl" per day, and sometimes two. I could seriously eat more as it not only tastes delicious, it "feels" so good when I eat it.)

    2. Do you use a pressure cooker to make your stock? I have read that Mark is ok with this, yet at least one post indicated that this is not the ideal way to cook it. Something about the fact that the "quick" high heat either destroys some nutrients or the process does not allow for the maximum amount of nutrition extraction. Any advice on this? Also, if you use a pressure cooker could your recommend a brand/model/size that works well? I am thinking of getting a fairly large one so that I will do this stock preparation less often. (I have a very tight schedule). I have kept in mind that although Mark might have promoted this process in an earlier post, he might have changed his mind as well.

    I would certainly appreciate any insight you have to offer!

    Thanks again and have a fantastic day!

    P.S. I am editing this to say I think I am talking about BROTH here! Sorry, I don't know the difference for sure. I am taking about taking roasted bones and veggies and simmering it for several hours....whichever one this is, is what I am talking about

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