So I'm brand new here and recently read this article on the site:

For the two years or so, I've been dealing with this problem of very sore, achy legs all the time. I'm fine during my workouts (first thing in the morning), but then pretty much have to sit and not walk for 3-4 hours to finally start to feel 'good' again.

And, even in the evenings say, if I go out to run errands and am walking for 10 minutes or longer, my legs just start to feel sort of achy. It's hard to explain but they just feel inflammed and swollen (and I find they look less lean and defined the more activity I do - if I sit all day long, I'm looking leaner than ever!).

I've been doing chronic cardio for as long as I can's been a bad addiction that I'm realizing I have to get past. I'm pretty sedentary the rest of the day, so mentally it's hard for me. I felt like doing some cardio first thing every day for 30-40 minutes would help make up for the fact I sit all day long (office job). I feel so lazy without some form of activity, but now I'm realizing it's doing me more harm than good.

So my question is whether anyone has experienced anything like this before and how long it took to get better? I'm just so tired of feeling this ache whenever I do everyday activities. It's to the point where I avoid a lot of things because I know my legs are going to be so sore.

Also, is there anything on top of taking time off cardio I should do?

Diet wise I'm fairly good, although know I've been chronically undereating as well, so that's definitely something contributing and that I need to work on. I do eat oats still (not full primal) as I find that if I'm only getting carbs from fruits/veggies, the problem gets much, much worse. Not sure why this would be?

I'd love to cut out all carbs except those two entirely, but it feels like my body reacts very poorly when I do.

Any advice would be great.