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Thread: please help :( breastfeeding, type 2, sugars gone crazy, can't lose weight.

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    please help :( breastfeeding, type 2, sugars gone crazy, can't lose weight.

    I am at a lose for words. And I don't know what to do.

    I was doing well, ~90% primal, found out I was pregnant (3/11), and since I'm type 2 diabetic, the high risk doctor said if I didn't follow their nutritionist's guidelines, they'd drop me from their care. I started eating grains again, ended up on insulin (definitely needed it during the pregnancy) and had a healthy baby who had no glucose issues. yay. All very very good.

    Now, 10 months later, I cannot lose weight. Primally, SAD'ly, any way. Pretty common in breastfeeding moms-- saving up in times of famine, yada yada yada. It's good for the baby. I planned on doing baby-led weaning. It may be 5 more years from now. (The natural average weaning age of a mammal is half way to sexual maturity. In the case of humans, age 5-7.) I've even gained weight. My sugars slowly kept getting higher and higher.

    Now, at random checks throughout the day, I'm constantly above 150. Even if I eat no carbs, only veggies meats and fats for the entire day, I'm constantly high. Nothing is working.

    When I work out, in an attempt to burn some more calories, (lots of moving slowly- ~3 miles or so on the treadmill. Lifting the barbell with all kinds of weight on it, like a log lift, just bursts of max power occasionally.) but the more I work out, the higher my sugars get. It makes no sense!

    I tested before I started working out, was at 147. Afterwards, I was at 245. During the hour I worked out, I drank ~40oz of water, and had a piece of beef jerky right before I tested.

    I'm scared. I don't know what to do, that is *breastfeeding safe,* the doctor will want me on oral meds, if not insulin. I just want to be healthy.

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