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    So I started a blog to track my progress, post recipes, and talk about studies (I do like picking through them and finding out what they actually determined, basic issues with the methodology, etc... which is how I ended up here), and I called it "Cocoa's Corner." I posted in the introduction section a few times a while back, but I hadn't posted outside of there. I wanted to actually start eating more primally before I posted here again. Basically, I wanted this to be my first post outside of that section.

    I'm not going to repeat a whole lot of what I post on my blog here, nor will I repeat a whole lot of what I post here on my blog. Instead, I'll summarize the significant portions:

    I'm always shocked when I see pictures of when I was very young, because I was very skinny. I have, however, been fat for as long as I can remember. There have been some gaps in my weight gain (most significantly when I was homeless... possibly the only time I actually lost weight), but for the most part, it's been steadily on the rise. Well, about a year and a half ago, I started getting obsessed with nutrition in a way that only an autistic could. I had tried to lose weight in a number of ways (including combinations of ways) and nothing had worked, but this obsession with nutrition was a blinding flash of enlightenment (I shouldn't misuse that term, but oh well). Before I had come to this site, I had come to much the same conclusions (for the most part) that are found here. I did find a lot of information which I did not previously obtain, however, and primal is a very good plan (I especially like the emphasis self-experimentation).

    That said, I will not be going fully primal... not right away, anyway. I just can't afford it. I will be going grain- and sugar-free, using grass-fed meat products (not dairy or egg just yet for reasons into which I will not go), using animal fats instead of oils (except for olive oil for salads), cutting out processed foods (including using unfiltered honey), and eating more meat (though still not an ideal amount) and veggies. And, because of weight issues, I will be cutting back on carbohydrate intake (no starches, just fruits, nuts, veggies, a tiny bit of honey, and a bit of milk).

    Speaking of those weight concerns, I bet you're wondering how much I weigh. Well, I was skimming through some other journals, and you better get ready for a doozy: My total weight is 435.8 lbs with 47.4% body fat and 31.6% muscle (I... I like to walk). My mother is rather better off in the weight department, with a total weight of 319.9 lbs, 48.7 BFP, and 26.9% muscle mass. I also seem to have rather high blood pressure (borderline hypertension), according to the machine I used (which seems to be fairly accurate). Oh, right. Did I mention that my mother was doing this with me? Well, she is. She's also 61 (edit: Because I forgot to mention it before, I'm 26), so you can understand that I really want this to work for her (thanks to my research, I am confident that it will).

    Now, I will be tracking my progress in a number of ways (those measurements are just a few ways I'll be tracking my progress), but as I will be exercising, practicing Tai Chi Chuan (though technically exercising, it also has other benefits to it), and some other things, I can't say from a scientific point of view whether or not the diet had a positive impact on me. That doesn't mean that I doubt its efficacy (research is a beautiful thing), just that I really can't claim that it's 100% because of the diet.

    I think that's it, really.

    Also, beware: If you enter these gates, I may very well accidentally try to convert you to Taoism or into a brony. It happens, you know?

    Oh, right. I'm fairly sure the link is in my signature, but I'll provide a link to my blog here:

    Cocoa's Corner (Do you like the Autumn theme?)
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    See my progress at Cocoa's Corner.

    Or check out my journal thread here.

    If I accidently make you a brony or convert you to Taoism, well... you shouldn't have talked to me if you didn't want that to happen.

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