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Thread: greetings to all

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    greetings to all

    I was always the "heavy" girl in school. 20 years ago I embraced the low fat diet and exercised like mad - Made it to size 12 and very proud that I could shop at a normal store. Weight went up again . Then I discovered martial arts--Loved it! It wasn't exercise it was play! I was strong and flying thru the air but I was happens. Sammo Hung anyone.
    Then I discovered Atkins. I read the research and it made sense. I ate my way to a size 8 and felt wonderful. Enlisted in the Guard and went overseas. BAD IDEA!!!!! Military food was all high carb and no fresh vegies.
    I was embedded with Afghans and then I got injured (left embedded with a leg swollen to twice its size for 8 months) My body was desperate for something to repair itself--To Bad I got processed carbs ( and no daylight or ability to exercise)
    Once my tour was over I spent 2 years in Army medical care (due to complete neglect by my unit) and as of Friday medically retired - thank goodness! When I was finally in control of what I eat my fat melted off me. I had swollen up to 190 and am currently 155. I'm 5'6" but I wear a size 6/small currently.

    However, I have a problems getting exercise. I go to a disabled swim class 3 times a week where I am the youngest- 46 is old to be considered the youngest I am not in a wheel chair, yet, but I am limited to about 30 minutes sitting, 30 minutes walking at anygiven time I have to spend most of my time lying slightly elevated on my back. I LOOK healthy but my bones are rotting inside and I cannot lift heavy things or even do a cardio exercise outside of the pool class (I cannot even swim laps)

    Enough self pity--What I am wondering is if anyone knows of a way of eating which helps to regrow bones - doctors just push pain pills and say wait until something snaps or I get old enough to have replacement joints put in.
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