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Thread: The Burden of Mood disorders - another reason for primal lifestyle?

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    The Burden of Mood disorders - another reason for primal lifestyle?

    Came across this on PLOS (Public Library of Science)

    "Good op-ed out in Science by Hans-Ulirch Wittchen, an esteemed clinical psychologist in Germany, on the burden of mood disorders in industrial societies. He highlights the secondary or indirect costs of mood disorders, which are not as apparent as the more direct costs of something like heart disease."

    Op-ed in question here

    I think mood and behavioural side effects are a hard to measure and so overlooked aspects of our lifestyles and diets. We all know the physical benefits of a paleo diet and primal living, but I think as more research is done on topics like mood and depression the benefits of a more natural, evolutionary sound approach to diet will become increasingly apparent to more and more people.

    Towards the end of the short piece, the authour states
    "Reducing the burdens of mood disorders requires major shifts in research, clinical practice, and public health by incorporating multidisciplinary models of intervention."

    Hopefully such a shift will be away from conventional wisdom and towards more natural thinking.

    I for one felt far more relaxed and balanced after switching to paleo - and that was having lead what was pretty healthy lifestyle by conventional standards. Anyone else experience positive shifts in moods / emotions?
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