Hello everyone,

I have been on the Paleo diet for about 3 weeks and lost inches off my waist, and am loving the results.

But I came across the whole topic of hair loss with a low carb diet and I got pretty freightened. Thank good I have only been doing it for 3 or so weeks and I am fine so far..

Any type of sudden dieting can lead to it, but low carb does seem to increase your chances versus a low fat one, according to a study (20% vs 40%). Sometimes the hair grows back, and sometimes they don't.

At any rate, I just wanted to share that, for me, I don't think eleminating entire food groups dogmatically is a good thing. I do believe that it is better to use fat for fuel instead of carb, but staying constantly on fat-burning mode indefinitely?? I'm not so sure. Good thing Paleo does allow some carbs.

So for those starting a low carb diet, the common suggestion is to start off slowly, so you don't shock your system.

How to do it:

And my realization here was that if you want to bring in carbs (legumes and grains, etc), do so in combinations where they form complete proteins. This might be common knowledge but for me it was big.

Peanut butter and whole grain bread makes a complete protein combination as well as (brown) rice and beans.

So those are some things I'll eat at the middle of the day. Peanuts and pinto beans are just packed with nutrients and even better when they are assisted to become complete proteins. And those two factors, I think, will aid in turning down hunger.

Google complete proteins and you'll get a whole bunch of possibilites.

Anyway, thought it was a good way to come full circle for me.