Hello, I'm going primal tomorrow and would like to hear others share their experiences (especially women).

My current stats:
5"4, 20 years old
usually not hungry till noon
old habit of snacking that I am fixing
want to lose all stomach fat.
fully recovered from an 8month mental breakdown and binge eating.

30 day paleo challenge

I'm thinking of eating a light lunch and then a full dinner (moderate Intermittent Fasting)
I don't go strictly primal and I find it works well for me? (not a fan of hard rules)
I like paleo because I acquired a taste for fresh food that is actually food

Things I am ruling out:
nuts (I have had many nasty experiences with finishing a whole pound bag of nuts per sitting. So not healthy)
chocolate (mostly. I am taping up my remaining chocolate and only having some during dinner)
sweet fruit (during my binge period, even fruit could raise my BS. Sticking to berries)

More info:
Not trying to sound smug, but I am actually one of the genetically blessed, despite my old habit of having binged through most of my life (until recently). My dad eats grains and at 52 he has about 2 inches of stomach fat. Max. for someone who runs a mile per week.
But I want to get back to my old peak - When I was a 5"4 girl who could put away a full 3 course meal and eat with the boys.
okay, it's a bit dramatic but I definitely can be more healthy than now.

I am currently nursing a cold, and am milking the loss of taste to wean myself off chocolate and desserts. Today I had only 50g, which is good, for me.

Could you guys give your thoughts on:

(a) Oat Bran
(b) Carrots, Starchy Tubers,
(c) Mushrooms
(d) Cooking vs Raw
(e) Supplements?