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    Rob, that sounds tempting but wouldn't have been enough to stop me smoking

    Can't report on weight or anything, far too early and still on my first day. I CAN however say that I've been surprised at how little potatoes have done to curb my appetite...

    Had wedges for breakfast, then a single large spud later, now at around 5.40pm local time, starving!

    So this time decided to deliberately create a dish that's a bit bigger than I might normally want - 4 medium size spuds, boiled for 35 mins (I forgot the time!) with sea salt, "potato seasoning" and what seemed like a generous dollop of balsamic vinegar. Having said that, the vinegar was instantly absorbed in a small area.

    Now, finally, I'm struggling to finish this bowl (yep, typing and eating spuds at the same time).

    Wedges and stuff I had no problem with and was wondering if I'd end up over-eating taters - but boiled taters are hard work to eat!

    I went from "Damn, these tatties don't really fill me up.." to "Damn, I'm stuffed already?" with just a few mouthfuls of BOILED potatoes.

    Maybe it's just accumulating during the day but it does seem there's something about boiled spuds that just murders your appetite?

    Extra water weight?


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    I'd guess there is far more water in boiled spuds than in anything roasted, baked or fried, but just plain boiled spuds is like eating cotton wool, you just chew and chew and chew this floury mass in your mouth. I thinks it's a sensory thing coz they are just soooooo plain.

    I've had a jacket spud in the oven this morning, put smoked paprika, mixed herbs, salt and tomato purre on it, quite nice and quite filling, and the skin was lovely and crunchy
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    Day 3 no change in weight, but I feel somewhat er um backed up with tater fiber, so maybe that's the reason. I have some baked potatoes in the oven and plan to continue till at least Monday and possibly Wednesday.

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    Peruvian taters

    Speaking of various ways to get potatoes down, a long time ago I read how the Incas invented freeze drying spuds long before the 1900's. It's simplicity itself. Choose a nice mountain with subzero temps at night, and place whole potatoes (presumably scrubbed) outside to freeze. When it got above freezing, the potatoes thawed. After a few cycles of freeze and thaw, what was left was basically starch. Resistant starch at that. Wonder if it was black or grey?

    Food of the Incas: 1300-1500

    And this answers the last question,

    Chuño - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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    Quote Originally Posted by chloe59 View Post
    I soooo wanted this to work for me as well as it seems to be for most everyone else. After reading through the entire thread, I went with cold, peeled potatos with vinegar and salt. I had ~1.5 pounds per day. I lasted two days...gained 2 pounds, was starving the entire time, and my face broke out I know it wasn't weight gain from the sodium-I always add tons of salt to everything, so it was definitely no more than usual. I get that everyone is different, but I don't understand how some people are dropping 1-2 pounds a day, and I gain weight?
    Sorry to hear about your experience. I know women have different issues than men, and some of these cause weight gain and breaking-out periodically. It sounds like you did everything 'right', maybe follow along this thread and see how others do, then try again in a few months if you have the stomach for it. Eating at starvation levels of potatoes shouldn't cause weight gain--water weight or fat--and most seem to lose starting at day 1 or 2. Sorry if I caused you any grief! Good luck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tribal Rob View Post
    Well I'm gonna give this a go, I've been stuck not really losing much for a while and lacking motivation to avoid the odd treat as it seems to make no difference, I still bounce up and down a few pounds every week - I think that's what's called a plateau But a week away has bumped me up to nearer 16 stone that I would like and even teatering over. So I need to shake things up.
    One disclaimer though - I aint giving up my morning coffee with cream, this is essential to normal functioning, but I am limiting myself to one cup with cream, the rest of my coffee will be black.
    Each time I did the potato diet, I ended up at a new lower weight. It definitely shakes things up. I think your one cup a day w/cream will be OK, let us know how it goes!

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    OK, so I put off starting for a day because I wasn't feeling well yesterday and needed to let my digestive system settle itself a little. But I began this morning.

    Height: 5'11"

    Starting weight: 210 lbs

    Neck: 15"
    Waist (narrowest): 37"
    Waist (navel): 39.75"
    Bicep: 15"
    Forearm: 12.25"
    Wrist: 7.25"
    Hips: 40"
    Thigh: 25.5"

    Body temperature: 98.6 degrees F at noon.

    Estimated body fat from measurements: an execrable ~25%.
    Today I will: Eat food, not poison. Plan for success, not settle for failure. Live my real life, not a virtual one. Move and grow, not sit and die.

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    starting my feast on Monday, going to go to the grocery tomorrow. I am not sure how many taters to buy at first? Start with a 5lb bag and go from there?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Keeks333 View Post
    starting my feast on Monday, going to go to the grocery tomorrow. I am not sure how many taters to buy at first? Start with a 5lb bag and go from there?
    I'd get 2 10 pound bags and try to eat through them all for results you can see. 20lbs should last you about a week. Figure on 2-3lbs a day. If you aren't up for a long run, 5lbs should last 2-3 days.

    My fave is Yukon Gold.

    Good luck!

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    Day four almost complete. Down another pound this morning for 5 lbs. in 3 days. Planning on going a few more days. I made potato soup tonight. Boiled a couple of russets, skin on, in chicken stock with some onion, rosemary and a bay leaf. Then I threw it all in the food processor to smooth it out. Not bad. Trader Joe's has a great "everyday seasoning" that I've used a number of times.

    I've been pretty satisfied most of the time tho last night I started having some cravings. Talked myself into a bowl of rice with green onion and cilantro instead.

    We're having people over tomorrow night for a book study and potluck. Not exactly sure how I'll handle that. I think it would be best to fill up before they get here and try to avoid temptation. Not sure I want to explain to the whole group that all I'm eating is taters and I don't want to give in to the treats some of them will probably bring.

    SW - 273 - 2002 pre gastric bypass (BPD-DS)
    SW - Aug. 2, 2011 - 178
    SW - Nov 1, 2011 - 168.5
    CW - 160
    GW - 157
    5' 6"
    50 something female

    Day 3 potato feast - down 5 lbs

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