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Thread: Being underweight, do I want to go into ketosis?

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    Being underweight, do I want to go into ketosis?

    I weigh about 64 kg at 186 cm... I do high-intensity, low-frequency workouts wtih compound exercises, slow speed and I eat a paleo diet with a lots of root-vegetables, sprouts, lots of oil to reach about 3500 Kcal pr. day.

    I'm seeing consistent gains and I feel good at around 120 g. carbs / daily (60-80 g. net after subtracting fiber). My bodyfat percentage is no more than 7%. I don't think I'm low enough in carbs to go into ketosis. I suffer from hypoglycemia and go into a non-desirable state, when my blood sugar is low. This still happens at my current diet of about 60-80 g's of net carbs.

    My question is: Do I want to restrict my carbs further to go into ketosis? What are the pros and cons?
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