our cats get wellness canned food (or if that's not available, any of the "natural" canned foods that don't have by-products or grains) - the girlcat used to be a total kibblehead... starting with wellness kitten, then wellness adult, then wellness core or innova evo (the low carb stuff)... and then I weaned her off of the stuff. The boycat couldn't care less about kibble, but he'd eat it if he was hungry and it was there.

They've always gotten some "human" food - I fixed them soft-scrambled eggs and chicken necks and I gave them raw bones from the time they were kittens... they've always gotten the juice drained from cans of chicken, turkey, tuna, salmon, etc.
Girlcat loves the sound of crunchy things - crackers, chips, etc. she'll bat them around to hear the sound... but she LOVES to eat fish, especially shrimp...
Boycat will try anything that we're eating - beef is his favorite... he ate a large chunk of my sweet potato the other night, and he's been known to eat spinach too.
They'll both eat pizza crusts, especially dried out ones that are crunchy/chewy... odd, but it is what it is.

Their latest thing is BOLTING into the kitchen whenever a can is opened... nevermind if it's a can of beans (not mine), tomatoes, coconut milk.... they get this really strange look on their face when we let them smell the non-cat-food (they will also lap some of the coconut milk if we're not careful - the other stuff, not so much...)

Their favorite treat of all time is freeze dried wild salmon.