My brother came to visit a week ago. As he was coming down the long drive on his big ole' motorcycle we all (myself and the four kids) went out to greet him in the driveway. We live rurally, the weather was glorious, and we all are happy running around in our bare feet (and always have) so that is how we met him once he had turned the bike off - barefooted. Right after "hello" we all got a comment about how we are turning hillbilly because of our shoeless state (we moved to the country 7 years ago).

It wasn't said sarcastically, but I have been getting a lot of that from the in-laws (who truly are wonderful in-laws) and my own father as well. It doesn't matter if we are indoors or not, our houses or theirs - the lack of some kind of footwear seems to be getting a lot of commentary lately. (We always make sure to have clean, neat feet...)

Does this happen to you? It is not like I am trying to go barefoot into a restaurant - this is at home. How many of you spend your private time barefooted (outside of the beach or pool, that is) and/or how much time are your feet au naturel??

My sister-in-law goes one further - she categorically states that feet are gross, hers included, and should never see the light of day outside of the bath tub or podiatrist.

Foot feelings, anyone?