I need a bit of encouragement here. Years and years of chronic cardio, trail running, biking and gym training hours and hours a day has left me totally burned out. I haven't had a menstrual cycle since 2007 (I'm only 32yrs old and my hormone levels are that of a 10 year old girl) and my muscles feel chronically tired and achy. I've been gluten free for 15 years, dairy free for about a year and recently adopted a primal/paleo diet (dairy free). After a month or so of full primal I really bonked. Lost 5lbs and realized I wasn't replacing the carbs I used during exercise and realized just what sort of damage all that cardio was doing to my body. I've since committed to try to follow the PB model in an attempt to rebalance my precious hormonal cycle.

How do you fight the urge to run, spin repeat? I'm trying to incorporate longer walks (hard when on call, I have to be within 15 mins of my car), TRX/bodyrock style workouts and a day of sprinting a week. I still feel wiped out and rather defeated. I'm afraid of becoming less fit. It's really hard to give up the cardio. I didn't realize what an addictive drug it was. Almost feels like I'm detoxing from it.

Suggestions for workouts? Comments?