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Thread: Too Young to be Old

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    Too Young to be Old


    One day you wake up and you are 75 pounds overweight, aka obese. It wasn't always this way. I was the skinny kid who could not gain weight no matter how much I ate. Always active with sports and workouts, and really continued that up until my early 40's. I was down to summer mountain bike riding at that point, and the winter weight gain grew worse every year to the point that I just quit because I couldn't ride the way I liked to ride anymore.

    I became a house mouse, specializing in cooking and web-surfing. My wife and I each had a liking for eating out and cooking up feasts at home. As my weight started to balloon, I tried to watch what I ate, getting plenty of "healthy whole grains" and shunning fat, although there was plenty of falling off of that wagon. Typical breakfast--huge bowl of Cheerios with skim milk and banana slices; 2 slices of whole wheat toast with jelly (no butter--have to avoid the fat, you know), tall glass of OJ. Why am I not losing weight?? I dieted a couple of times, losing 30 lbs one time, 25 another, but always gaining the weight back.

    One day, I stumbled across Gary Taubes' "Why We Get Fat, And What To Do About It." That made some lights come on, and over the course of this last summer, I read a whole stack of books on food, diet and metabolism. I started on a low carb diet, plenty of meat, fish, eggs and veggies, and lost almost 20 pounds the first month. That really got my attention. I wanted to start getting some kind of exercise, but I was so overweight, riding wasn't very comfortable. I also knew from my last diet a couple of years ago that aerobic exercise doesn't work for me *at all* so far as losing weight is concerned.

    I had been a fairly avid weight lifter in my younger days. Unfortunately, all my equipment was stolen out of storage 20 years ago. I went to look at a gym, but they wanted a one-year signup to get a decent price. See ya. So...

    One day I stumbled across "Convict Conditioning" by Paul "Coach" Wade. I read the whole book in one night and was fascinated with the approach. Only six basic exercises, with variations to make the intensity progressive. The program as a whole was comprehensive, yet simple. This appealed to my minimalist nature. Actually I should not call that my nature, as my true nature is to make things as complex as possible and get lost in the weeds, lol. Minimalism is my antidote.

    When I first became acquainted with Primal Blueprint, I thought "Perfect!"--the diet I want, the fitness program I want, and the lifestyle I want, all rolled into one, plus a forum to help stay motivated. I intend to make the primal diet my permanent eating habit and adopt fitness as a lifestyle choice. The primal diet is the real deal. The fat is coming off effortlessly. My BP is down, my blood glucose is down. Energy is up. Primal Blueprint Fitness is also the real deal. I am sticking more closely to Convict Conditioning, but the core of BPF--pushups, pullups, squats and planks--is a super effective way to attain basic fitness. Expand from there as you see fit. (Sorry, no pun intended)

    I'll be 54 next week. Primal diet since mid-July, working out since late August, and I've gone from 256 to 226 lbs so far (6 feet tall), shooting for 185 lbs of sleek, strong, red-blooded American male. So, I'll use this opportunity to say hello, I'll follow up with updates from time to time. For now--GROK ON!
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