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Thread: Sleep and energy

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    Sleep and energy

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    My body is acting in a way I've only ever known before during finals in college. Back then it took chemicals (caffeine and guarana), today's it's happening on it's own.
    I didn't get enough sleep last night (poor quality and only 6 hours or broken sleep.) Today, I know I could fall asleep very easily if I were to lay down and I'm a little tired. At the same time, all day I've more energy than I've known what to do with. During lunch, I couldn't decide whether to sleep or to flame off the excess energy by working out. I worked out, doing body exercises interspersed with low level aerobic exercise. When I came back, I had more energy than I started with. I'm not jittery or jumpy or anything like that, just simultaneously tired and in possession of excess energy.

    Anyone else ever experienced this?

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    Do few Tabata cycles... Pushups for 20s, rest 10s and repeat... Do this for 4-5 minutes and the waste energy will be gone.

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    I am generally feeling pretty well over all, but I am sucking at getting enough/good quality sleep. I DO drink an olympian amount of tea, green and oolongs mostly, but it's mostly that alot of my freetime is after midnight, and I just keep myself busy. (I am drinking tea right now infact LOL.)

    I am really hoping that the weight loss will improve my breathing, and eliminate the snoring/apnea so I can feel more rest after sleep, instead of tired.

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