Well, I'm embarking upon my 4th month of Paleo living and it's been awesome. I am 8 lbs away from reaching my goal weight and I'm hoping that this goal will be realized by Halloween.

I need your tips on how to FAT BUST the last remaining fat that just wants to hold onto me. I'm 5'11" with a small build (I have small wrists). My goal is to move from 148lbs to 140lbs by Oct 31st.

The last bit of fat seems to be hanging onto me just around the belly button area, and on my back, just above waist area. It's not a LOT OF FAT, but it's stubborn fat.

To date, I do not eat fruit, sugar, wheat or any processed foods. My ratios are 70/20/10 (F/P/C).

The only items left to eliminate is dairy and red wine. Are these the culprits?

I don't lift heavy due to a herniated disc, but I walk daily and do body weight exercises at home.

I would appreciate any TIPS on how to bust through this last layer of fat. I'm looking forward to slipping into my new binkinis for my winter holiday but not until this last layer of fat is gone.

THOUGHTS anyone? Thanks for your help!