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    Question Chinese food and dehydration

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    I had Chinese food last night. All night long I felt dehydrated. I kept waking up every hour and had to drink a couple cups of water. I also get this effect when I eat processed carbs. Not veggies but things like bread, pasta, etc (not that I eat them alot. Once a month or so.) before I took these foods out of my diet, I never felt dehydrated from them. Does anyone have an idea why chinese food makes me feel dehydrated?

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    If its a lot more carbs than you've been eating, your body stores the carbs with water in your muscles. As soon as you decrease carbs, the stored carbs and water come out.
    Also, high sodium content causes you to retain water.
    Also, any allergic reaction or intolerance to some food can make you gain water. The perfect storm of water retention: (Americanized) Chinese Food

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    cause most 'chinese food' out there is msg, salt-laden crap cooked in horrible oils and chock full of shite!

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    All the different sauces probably contain corn syrup. It depends on what you eat. Not to mention they probably cook everything in vegetable oil.

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    They seem to use a lot of salt. That can make anyone thirsty.

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    It's likely the salt from the food. I remember I went to an all you can eat chinese restaurant once and I learned my lesson. There are so much carbs in the food and I found myself crashing the next day. It took me a couple of days to recover from it.

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    MSG/Salt/rancid trash oils!

    Also, expect the scale to go up temporarily, if you weigh daily due to water retention

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    I have noticed that the "cleaner" I eat, the more I notice or am more sensitive to things like Chinese food. People who eat like this all the time simply get used to feeling a certain way. I absolutely love the Chinese buffet and I do indulge once in a while (once or twice a year, tops). However, I am well prepared: I follow up over the next couple days with plenty of water (to flush the system and minimize water retention/dehydration); and I pretty much eat high protein for the next couple three days following this sort of splurge Oh, and I don't weigh in for a few days either

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    I'm a Singapore born chinese. The chinese food found in most home cooked food is usually healthier and more nuanced and subtle in taste. However when we eat at restaurants, the common trick is to add MSG into everything, the cheap and easy way to make things taste good. Especially soup, soup is the worst. In my family, we all know when there is MSG in the food because we get really thirsty for the next couple of hours. We try to avoid those restaurants then.

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    If you are a lover of Chinese food, then you probably know what a real Chinese dish tastes like. An honest-to-goodness authentic Chinese dish would have a lot of vegetables.

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