Hey all! I'm a 19 year old guy looking to bulk up and add muscle, and I need some help in eating lunch at work because I have an insane appetite lately that snacking could never satisfy. I have breakfast and dinner and 2 protein drinks everyday, which has lasted me reasonably well as I first got into the swing of heavy lifting, but damn; I'm friggin' ravenous lately! Which is all well and good, because I've always been that one bastard who can and will eat anything and everything offered to him on a plate and not add a pound of weight to his skinny-ass. Add in weight lifting and adolescence and you have a recipe for some serious food shortage.

Anyways, I work 5 days a week, and my shift is 12-7pm on weekdays or 12-6:30/5pm on weekends (depending on whether I'm working on a Saturday or Sunday, respectively). I get home between 7:30-8:30pm, and I tend to hibernate for at least 10 hours a night until 8-9am, so I have ample time to prepare something beforehand; only thing is, I have no idea WHAT to make! There's nothing Primal/Paleo anywhere near my workplace and I only have a 30 minute break regardless, so I'd rather prepare my own meal at home first. I definitely feel and perform better with more carbs (fruit or starches) as opposed to VLC / ketosis and I would particularly be thankful for meals or -filling- snacks that are quick and easy to cook up and go with. Many people suggest leftovers but I never have any. I'm grotesquely obese in spirit, believe me!