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Thread: New here - longish post with questions

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    Your biggest problem is that you are trying TOO hard. Seriously!

    You seem to be forcing yourself to eat, even when you aren't hungry. In my opinion, simplify, simplify, simplify. Just eat what your body thinks is yummy when your body thinks it's yummy and guess what? You'll do great.

    The whole "eating constantly to rev up metabolism" is an old CW myth you don't really need to worry about I'd say.

    You've already ditched most of the junk foods so you're on the right track!

    Oh, and one last thing... Why is that chicken thigh skinless?

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    Very true, up to now I've eaten every three hours on the dot (I actually have an alarm set to remind me!) as I've always been told that this revs up your metabolism but also keeps you fueled up for heavy exercise.

    Should I abandon this completely and just eat when hungry or should I keep some sort of routine in terms of meals - such as ensuring that I always eat an afternoon meal? How should this reflect in pre and post workout?

    One of the reasons I eat powder is that I find it hard and inconvenient to eat real food before and after training but I have always been told that I MUST take the right fuels in before and after training.

    HAH! I didn't even notice that the chicken thigh was skinless - just goes to show how programmed I am to remove all fat etc from my diet - a habit I need to break!

    Thanks again for the advice

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    hi am new here longist post for fewsome posting here i reviewed this sites

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