I've posted on this topic before, but I'm doing it again because I really think this is something we could all benefit from doing every once in a while.

Mark has posted on more than one occasion about the importance of being upright more often than not, and he's even encouraged those of us that work in offices to get standing desks if at all possible. It increases circulation in the legs, decreases the risk of blood clots, promotes good posture, and even just standing in place burns more calories than sitting.

So, here's a little challenge I propose each of you try sometime:

I want each of you to see how long you can remain fully upright without sitting or laying down.

Just a few simple rules to keep in mind...

1) You must remain fully upright for the time to count. This means you can be running, walking, standing, anything that keeps you fully upright and on your feet. You can stand on one leg, two, or three (if you're that special).
2) Time begins as soon as you undertake this challenge and get upright. Time ends when you either sit, crouch, or lay down.
3) I think it's fair to make an exception for bending over to pick something up, as long as you're not off of your feet.

And there you have it. How long can YOU last? I'm deep in the challenge myself right now and curious to see just how long I can last.