Guys, I'm brand new to this forum, and am having a lot of trouble navigating. [Hey, at 67 years old I can claim "old age" as the problem? Maybe? LOL]

I apologize for interrupting this blog, but I can't figure out where to go to ask my question, so I'm putting it here.

As a life-long sufferer of IBS [iritable bowel syndrome] I desperately need to add tons more fiber [soluble and insoluble] to my 80% Primal diet or I'm going to "die" of what I call "cement in the gut." I know Oat Bran is the single best source of fiber, but I'm having trouble finding a really healthy source of Oat Bran without adding so many calories to my diet that it would constitute a 4th meal, which, trust me, I can't accommodate on any level without putting back on the 8 pounds I've lost in the last 2 months.

I found a few supplements in bottles online tonight, but none of them--despite some having very high prices--offer more than 5 or 6 grams of fiber in a single dose. This is totally not acceptable. I'm looking for something that adds 13 or 14 or 15 grams of fiber per dose. Less than that won't make a "dent in my cement."

I eat "tons" of dark green salad greens every day, and cruciferous veggies [I adore broccoli], but it's just not enough to keep the old bowels regular, or even semi-regular.

I'm more at less at my wits end in trying to figure out how solve this constipation problem, and I would be extremely grateful for any help/advice anyone has to offer. Please keep in mind that I'm only moderately active, by necessity; I walk at a regular to brisk pace for close to an hour every day, do my own version of aerobic dancing twice a week [good old Creedence Clearwater Revival's Greatest Hits help with that enormously], and--or BUT! I have to be very careful how and when I dance aerobically because of a chronically weak lower back and bad knees, both of which can act up at the drop of a hat. As we speak, I'm nursing the remains of muscle pulls and spinal snafus that resulted from too much vigorous dancing to "Bad Moon Rising." My brilliant/generous/amazingly affordable chiropractor has set the recovery in motion, but I must be very careful for the next week or two.

In the meantime, and even after I recover, since I can't do sprints--maybe one or two every 3 months or so--and I can't run or jog--none of the physical activity that tends to get the bowels moving--I really, really, really need some help with getting a ton more fiber incorporated into my diet without adding calories or too many unhealthy carbs.

Please, anyone, any suggestions?

Thanks so much for listening--and for any responses.