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    My Dr is a moron

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    My wife was recently diagnosed with high cholesterol and pre- diabetes. Today her Dr gave her a pamphlet on food guidelines. Here are some of the foods to avoid; bacon, butter, coconut and coconut oil, avocados, nuts, fatty meats , egg yolks, whole milk. Here are the list of acceptable foods. Egg substitute (because I'm sure Grok found little cartons of egg beaters in the wild), soft margarine, vegetable oil, high fiber grains like oats and whole wheat and fat free milk. Thus proving once and for all that my Dr is an absolute moron. I'll bet she would recommend a carton of cigarettes to a patient with lung cancer. When is the medical community going to get with the program

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    Margarine? MARGARINE?????

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    I think the idea that policy only changes with death is quite true in these instances. Gonna take quite a few more deaths of the "leaders" that headed the whole low fat fake food craze before real reform can take hold in the medical or political (as if you could separate em) arena.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Moll View Post
    Margarine? MARGARINE?????
    Yeah, even my doctor said no to margarine! And she is definitely an effing moron!

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    Conventional wisdom at its finest.

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    I went to the local QuickCare last week for a cough that just wasn't going away. (Yes, as a matter of fact, I have been eating like crap lately - why do you ask?)

    In the waiting room was a big poster announcing free classes to learn about weight loss surgery. Then, in the examining area, there were a bunch of posters discussing Type II diabetes and how to avoid it. There weren't any other posters about any other diseases, just obesity and diabetes.

    Sad that this is pretty much the focus of our general medicine lately.

    To their credit, though the surgery poster pissed me off, the diabetes posters did mention eating right without getting into the whole grain bullshit. I don't think they're suggesting eating Primal, but at least they're not pushing the Triscuits.
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    Sadly, most Doctors push this terrible advice because they don't think for themselves.

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    I eat and have eaten everything on that "do not eat" list. I was diagnosed diabetic in nov. of 2010, this august doctor said I am no longer diabetic.

    Obviously, something is wrong LOL.

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    Ugh... unfortunately doctors aren't given many lessons in nutrition!

    I know one sad case of a kid who's just turned 13 and is overweight. He has some sort of liver disease, and his doctors have prescribed him a FAT FREE diet (like... REALLY fat free...he must only get a miniscule amount of fat) and yet, the kid keeps gaining weight (he's also growing very fast and is very tall for his age). The doctors basically accuse his mum of letting him cheat because he's NOT LOSING WEIGHT. They want him to have weight loss surgery . ARGH if only I could explain primal to them... I just don't think they'd be receptive, as it's the opposite of what they've learned.

    Fortunately some doctors are learning how to achieve real health... but others are fully on the CW bandwagon.

    I was also reading a magazine the other day with the old "margarine vs butter" debate. Let's say it was VERY VERY SAD. I almost threw the stupid thing across the room. Margarine ISN'T EVEN FOOD!!!

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    Why is this moron still your doctor then? It's common knowledge that margarine is bad for you, even to regular M.D's. If this doc can't even bother to follow that research, it's time to find a new doctor.

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