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    Training for the Warrior Dash

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    Does anyone have any advice for how to properly train for the warrior dash? Ideally I would like to take off around 30 lbs before July but gain muscle mass at the same time.

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    Eat primally.
    Walk a lot.
    Lift heavy.
    Sprint occasionally.

    Not to be a smartass, but what are you looking for? There's a whole book about how to get healthy and fit, and this site is based on that book. Is there anything in the book that you feel isn't appropriate for the goal that you have? Why do you think that general fitness, given your current starting point, is not enough to meet your goal?

    Your question is really vague- What do you want from us!??!

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    FWIW, I did Warrior Dash this year without hardly training. The only 2 things I had trouble with were climbing the walls. Everything else I survived just fine. Trust me, I'm definitely NOT an athlete.

    If you want to do more than just finish, I would suggest you go in the 1st or 2nd heat, otherwise you're apt to get bottlenecked behind a bunch of people at the obstacles. Just something to keep in mind.

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    Warrior Dash has participants of all athletic abilities so don't worry about it unless you're shooting for a fast time instead of just completion. Sprints and climbing all over playground equipment/rock climbing with get you there.

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    Sign up for Daily WOD from here. Pretty similar coarse, note you might have to scale down workouts at the beginning to match your current level of fitness. I wish I could do 1/4 of the workouts....

    Spartan WOD for Friday, 10.5.12 | SPARTAN RACE
    "Times fun when you are having Flies" Kermit the frog

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    I'm gearing up for a tough mudder using a combination of parkour (in urban and bush/woodsy environments) and yoga (which I do anyway). plus running/jogging.

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    Take things easy. Do not rush into your training. Do not make it a rule to lose 30Lbs. What will you do if you do not lose this much weight?

    Train as much as you want to but make sure you do some training everyday.
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    I recently wrote a piece on Tough Mudder training for Outdoor Fitness Magazine here in the UK, some details here:

    Sandbag Fitness: Sandbag Training For Tough Mudder

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