So... I was wondering...

Is it possible without using ANY supplements, to design a diet that contains 100% (or more) of your RDA, of every nutrient?

All while keeping caloric intake at a reasonable level?

Seems like a challenge, but is it conquerable?

Here's where you, the intrepid fans and posters of MDA come in! Is this a challenge that the combined resources if MDA can tackle?

First, let's set some ground rules:

1) Fat, protein, and carbs are not a part of this challenge. Micronutrients only.
2) You can go over, just not under, the RDA for a particular nutrient.
3) Only include nutrients with an established RDA as a part of the challenge. If there is a difference between male and female recommended values, shoot for the higher number.
4) Whole, real foods only! We want this to be something that if we had access to all of the ingredients, we, as primal eaters would happily consume.
5) No, you can't use supplements, protein powders, meal replacement shakes, see rule four above you dummies!
6) Use the USDA's RDA guidelines for nutrient intake. It might be a bit lacking, but it gives us a standardized goal to shoot for.

I'm not expecting this to be tackled overnight, not am I expecting it to even be solved next week. It could be YEARS from now, before we break the code to this meal plan (or single meal for you one-a-dayers).

Even if we never solve it, think of the interesting discussions we can have debating if this is even theoretically possible, and the knowledge we will gain by putting this challenge to the test.