Hi all, I was hoping to get some ideas for what I can eat that would be healthy and fitting a primal lifestyle.

To give you an idea, I'm pretty picky and end up eating the following generally every day. I used to eat out (fast food) a whole lot but several months ago began working out and eating healthier, and recently I came across Mark's website.

I used to think Subway was healthy and eat there occasionally, but I realized that a typical sub I get has over 1000 g of sodium... It seems more and more to me that unless I cook everything at home most food has tons of sodium.

Stuff I eat regularly:
Eggs (when I don't eat cereal for breakfast)
Apple (sometimes bananas too)
Peanut butter sandwich (crunchy PB)
Turkey or ham sandwich (generally with 2 slices of wheat bread)
Protein bar and protein shake pretty much every day
Sometimes I'll make chicken/hamburgers on stovetop Foreman grill

As you can see, I'm not a complex cook, as most of this stuff is minimal to no cooking/preparation.

I would like to start eating eggs more regularly instead of cereal to cut out the grains, but what are some other simple things to do? If it involve more than 3 ingredients chances are it's not something I'll want to do regularly.

I'm sort of curious what other people do to eat healthy, since the majority of working folks I know don't take a healthy, home-prepared lunch every day, if at all. Unfortunately I'm picky so I don't like yogurt, most other fruit, or salad with any sort of dressing. I would also love to eat stuff like fish everyday, but it's pretty expensive, so maybe that's just something I'll have to deal with?

Thanks for any input!