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Thread: Snacking

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    I usually drink a protein shake at night, and it does a pretty good job of filling you up if you're craving something tasty. Otherwise, how about some mixed nuts (unsalted) or some beef jerky?

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    Quote Originally Posted by richnash33 View Post
    Yes I am hungry at all three meals..When I eat my breakfast it is usually around 9 and I can barely make it until noon for lunch..I keep pistachios and almonds at my desk to get me by both before lunch and after lunch pre-dinner
    This is a pretty strong indicator that you are simply not eating enough.

    Why not add eggs to your bacon and sausage in the morning. Have some vegetables with it, or a piece of fruit.
    Are you eating dairy? Add some cheese to your salad. Or make a home made mayo dressing. Put nuts and hard boiled egg in the salad as well.
    Eat more at dinner!

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    One thought. What is wrong with just being hungry?
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    It's not about hunger. I get the "crunchies" a lot, too. It's one of the hardest things I have to deal with. Carrots or celery or what have you does not cure that need for something crunchy, at least for me, anyway.

    OP, you might also try to look at some of your habits and what you're doing when you get that need for something crunchy to munch on. Are you truly hungry or are you reading a book and need to have a snack (I grew up snacking while reading and it's a HORRIBLE habit to try to break) or watching your favorite TV program, etc. For me, anyway, curing that need to snack on something crunchy means shaking up some habits, much like quitting smoking and changing up the morning coffee and smoke break.

    If you're truly hungry and don't want to just remain hungry (fasting from your last meal of the day until noon the next day type of thing) then maybe you're not eating enough throughout the day to maintain your body and you could consider tweaking that.

    In terms of snacking, a handful of walnuts works well for me. You have to be careful not to eat more than a handful or two, but I usually don't want much more than that. They satisfy me more than almonds or cashews do.

    Good luck. I hope you find what works for you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DCarr10760 View Post
    One thought. What is wrong with just being hungry?
    I can handle hunger during the day but not at night...I can't fall asleep hungry

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    Sounds to me as though you don't have enough fat in your diet. I would check my macros if I was you, to get a feel for how much fat you are actually getting. I find that if I don't get enough fat and veggies I get the munchies. If you need a late night something so you can get to sleep, I find that a tablespoon of grass fed butter will do the trick, or a few berries and cream. Be careful with carbs late as that will tend to get you going instead of sleepy.
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    Neither celery nor carrots have the right kind of crunch. Pork rinds do have the right kind of crunch for me. The other day I tried smearing them with softened Kerrygold butter and it was yummy. Kind of reminded me of the saltines I used to eat smeared with butter.

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