I've long put a lot of effort into getting good quality protein and the like, but have only fairly recently tried getting enough veg.

As a student (albeit an unlucky one who ended going to uni from home...long story, and I now hate the unis that rejected me) living from home, I'm able to save a lot of money that others are paying for accommodation, so I can buy better food, and so am practically feeding myself eveything - the only thing from the "household cupboards" I'll eat are evening meals and, uh, any fruit lying around....although I'll stupidly indulge in bread bought for the brother if I'm stupid/hungry enough.

Anyways, at the moment my diet has me eating 2 bananas, 2 servings of broccoli (160g cooked weight) and 3 servings of carrots (240g) each day. Along with these I'm taking a bunch of pills, just because they're cheap and seem to cover all my bases (multi-vitamin, zinc and mangesium, D3 and fish oil)

Am I getting enough goodness just from these 3 types / 7 servings? I know that you need to have plenty of plant foods in your diet for it to be healthy, and I'm eating a fair amount of the stuff, I'm just not sure if my "triple combo" of fruit, greens and root vegetables are good enough!

Any input would be much appreciated.