I've been doing pf for going on four weeks now. I'm on level 5 pull ups and push ups, and level 7 Squats and planks. Because I can't readily afford it, I've been limiting my high protein days to when I strength train. I'm trying to build muscle while losing fat, so I'm staying as low carb as I can, typically 60 and under. I know it may seem contradictory, but I'm fairly certain you can build muscle while shedding fat. However, even though I'm getting stronger, I'm adding no noticeable mass to my upper arms. My shoulders have become more defined, and my forearms are quite muscular now, but my triceps and biceps are still, well, insignificant in my opinion. So my question is, if I'm adding muscle to my calves, thighs, chest, back, forearms, and shoulders, then why aren't my tri's and bi's getting any love? Also is it better to go high protein th day of training, or the day after?