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Thread: Anybody have an eliptigo trainer?

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    Anybody have an eliptigo trainer?

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    It looks like so much fun....... like a bike / elliptical machine that you actually ride outside!

    ElliptiGO 8C

    This is the one I want, but if you look at the price tag, don't have a heart attack!

    Looking for comments if you have one, or have ridden one.
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    Ok, so I know you wanted comments from people in the know...but I choose to ignore that.

    It looks pretttttty faddy, unless you're a recovering athlete or whatnot. Certainly not a pratical as a bike, or as simple as just buying a pair of trainers. Looks like something that will be used as a clothes horse after the first week.

    And whenever I hear the word 'elliptical' I always think of this shirt - If deadlifts were easy | Lift Big Eat Big
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