I've been doing this for a year. My diet has evolved and changed, ebbed and flowed over time.

At first my diet was high fat, low carb. I ate lots of creamy dairy things and fatty meats and tried to add fat to everything. It worked for weight loss and hunger control, but eventually I got tired of so much fat.

After that, I went to a diet of more whatever fat came in the meat plus starchy things like sweet potatoes, celery root, African yams. I call this the "potato months". I didn't lose much weight during this time. I started getting sleepy at lunch. I got tired of all the starch.

Lately it's big ass salads for breakfast and meat and veggies for dinner. It's been warm lately so maybe getting my carbs from fruity veggies like tomatoes instead of potatoes is better. Maybe cold fats like olive oil and avocado and eating raw, cold foods is more appealing when it's hot. I eat a little real fruit now and then, mostly fresh figs and sapotes. I'll probably get tired of it eventually and move to something else.

Through it all I've experimented more and more with crazy off-cuts of meat.

Has your primal diet evolved over time? Is it seasonal? Is it based on goals?