I'm a newbie to the forum (and to Primal), so hoping this is in the right place...

Yesterday was my first 'cold turkey day' going Primal (eggs & veggies for breakfast, sardines, avo and steamed veg with olive oil for lunch, chicken and veg for dinner, plus coconut flakes as a snack). I am on 90mg of Armour a day. This morning I woke up feeling awful. My heart was racing, I was alternating hot and cold, my palms were sweating, and I had some back pain over the area of my kidneys.

I know some of this is probably 'carb flu' but the racing heart seems more thyroid related (i.e. usually I get this effect if my dose is too high)? Can anyone shed any light on this? Would a more gradual approach be advised? And will my meds likely need adjusting? I should add, I would consider myself to be very carb/sugar addicted.

Any help much appreciated!