I'm interested to hear from those in the know - can I have a cup of black coffee a day on this diet and is it ok to drink black tea?

I've been battling Candida and chronic yeast infections for well over 20 years. I've been primal for 10 months and my Candida has become worse, probably because when I have cheats (usually sugary binges) my poor body leaps from pure and wholesome to sugar infested.

After a month of itching, soreness, mouth ulcers and painful joints I'm taking a deep breath and heading back into the Candida diet. I did it several years ago for about 4 months but then fell pregnant and became very ill and stopped.

I'm good with what I can and can't eat, it's like super strict primal. BUT I am confused about coffee. I am and addict, I could give it up if I had to, and that's what I want to know. Mark did a recent post and the conclusion seemed to be that black coffee doesn't spike insulin levels. My Naturopath knows my addiction and says one a day if I have to. Mark also said in a recent Candida post that black tea is helpful, but many of the Candida websites say no black or green tea. I'm confused!

Does anyone have any experience?