Just wanted to get everyone's take on this. Although primal and low carb are KINDA one in the same, I know that one can eat very low carb and not be primal. I hate carbs pretty much because I believe they are severly detrimental to our health. I am currently on a keto diet, VERY VERY low carb. Typical day for me is 4 eggs or 4 bacon strips (try to alternate to keep from getting burned out) and a big 'ol steak for dinner. Love it. Anyways I recently got burned out from steak. This came from a problem when I just started to cook a steak on the grill and then I ran out of gas and I had to finish it in the oven and since I'm such a horrible cook it came out pretty bad. Anyways here's my replacement (as of now): hot dogs!!! lmfao i know cringe worthy right. I don't know all the reasons why hot dogs aren't primal (please someone elaborate, or maybe don't lol I don't want to feel bad) but I just know inherently they aren't primal. But they are very low carb so I eat them anyways. How do you guys feel about this ? Info and goals: 23 y/o male in ketosis to shed body fat enough for a six - pack ( i dont give a crap how vain that is i just want one lol )