I know that oats are mostly a no-no on the PB, but I've recently started to workout and have needed something to fuel me up afterwards. I'm a freshman in college as well, so I only have a instant pot (pressure pot) to cook with. It's incredibly easy to cook oatmeal with. I usually add oatmeal/buckwheat/millet PLUS veggies and meat + eggs so it's not just oatmeal. The thing is, I feel great afterwards. No sugar crash hours later, and I stay full for quite a long time. The only small thing that I notice after I eat is that I burp, perhaps a bit more than usual. However, I am eating a lot of food (3-4 bowls of it). I also soak overnight with lemon to remove as many phytates as I can. This being said, do you still think that I should avoid oats? Perhaps it's okay for my body, especially after workouts?