Winter is coming and I'd really like to find some minimalist boots for my 6 year old (size 13). Winter is cold and lots of snow and barefoot in winter for her is NOT an option. DS and I have SoftStar boots that I love. But DD had a pair of SS's this summer and wore through the stitching in 6 weeks. I'm hesitant to spend $100 on boots for her that might not last until Christmas (I have bought her a second pair of SS's to see if the first pair was just a fluke - but until I know I'm just not willing to chance it). I wanted to buy mukluks but having a heck of a time finding chidrens sizes. Manitobah Mukluks only have one children's style and it is indoor only . Any other suggestions would be most welcome - they do need to be warm - winter is cold here, -40 with the wind chill is not an uncommon temperature first thing in the morning when she is waiting for the bus. Oh, and they need to ship to Canada.