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    Ugh... I haven't really worked on the sleeping portion of being primal. Some nights I get 3 hours of sleep, some nights I get 9. Since being primal I do find that when I wake up in the morning I am up. I don't go back to sleep. I try to squeeze in naps when I need them, but I just have a hard time sleeping in general. I hate sleeping in the complete darkness and quiet. I have tried just noise and just light, but so far, the only way I can sleep is with the TV on. It's definitely something I need to work on.
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    Quote Originally Posted by aix_sponsa View Post
    YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.

    This is the Dog Face Soldier song. About 1:13 into the video is what I hear every morning on my walk. I actually sing along to it!
    Cool song. Much Respect as always to your Husband and his colleagues for all the work they continue to do.

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    I've reached the point in my life where adequate sleep simply isn't optional any more. If I get shorted two nights in a row, mamma the Balrog comes out to play (my nine-year old's description - my husband says my son has no idea how good he's got it).

    With enough sleep - 9 hours or so, I am calm, focused, contented, and energetic. I have enough energy to exercise well and I'm far less te,pted by foods I know will make me sorry. Withour sleep, I am cranky, I crave foods I don't even like, and I can't seem to get moving -- I just want tto sit - -and that's on 7 hours. On less, I'm really a mess.
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    My sleep can often be badly broken... I wake up to pee quite a bit, and then I just... wake up. And can't fall asleep for a couple of hours, at which time I nap. So there's a huge duration involved. Sometimes it actually works wonderfully and I feel on top of the world. Once in a while, like today, something just seems to go wrong and I'm tired all day. My sleep mask really has helped though.

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    I need to work on my sleep's a little difficult because my husband doesn't get home from work until 11:30 and I like to be able to get some time in with him! I have to go to work the next morning at 11, so I wish I could get to sleep by 12 and get up at 9 so I can get a walk in or something, but that doesn't usually happen...

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    I have never had a problem in this area. I have never seen Saturday Night Live. I've never seen Jay Leno or any of the late night comedians. I've never watched 11-o'clock news. I struggle to stay awake all the way to 9pm. I can't stand late parties or night clubs. I really hate alarm clocks and I can't sleep well knowing an alarm clock is going to yell at me so I never use one. There are other things to wake me, like the paper boy or the sprinklers or the neighbor going to work.
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