Hi there, my name is Nicolle and I'm starting out on this Primal journey. I'm not sure how many times I've started a new "eating plan" (the word DIET drips with "defeat" so I have chosen to drop it from my vocabulary) but I know I've tried something similar years ago and it made me feel better.
I consider myself to be in relatively good health...at least that's what all of the doctors tell me. However, I've been in and out of the doctor's office for the last 12 years with symptoms that I don't have answers for. In 2009 I was misdiagnosed with Crohn's Disease and was put on steroids and anti-inflammatories for 2 years. I went through a battery of tests that never could quite confirm it. After switching doctors and going through another myriad of tests (including colonoscopy #2, an endoscopy, barium x-ray #3, CT scan, Mekels Diverticulum test, and finally exploratory laparoscopy) I was told that I don't have Crohn's (huge sigh of relief) but IBS....something I've known for years.
I've tried different eating plans for IBS; anything to help with the nausea, stomach cramping, bloating, gas, etc. but have never really found anything that helps. Now I'm on a medication that is a combination muscle relaxer for my stomach and anti-anxiety medication. I want to get off of that. It can't be good to be on muscle relaxers every day. I tried to get off of it once but after a few weeks I started getting panic attacks again.
So, I'm trying Primal eating because I want my body to go back to it's natural state.
I've lost and gained the same 30 pounds almost yearly since 2006 and it's time for me to get my body to where it needs to be....healthier and happier.
I'm on day #3 of Primal eating and I can feel the sugar withdrawls. I don't eat any dairy, but I never really could so this isn't a huge change for me. I don't do well with grains either so that's not too bad of a change. It's the sugar that's the toughest.
Although weight loss is not my #1 goal, long-term I'd like to lose 80lbs. I'm 5'4" and weight 233.
In 2011 I was going to the gym 6 days a week and lost 30 lbs. I learned that I LOVE lifting weights and running...not an easy task for a (techincally) obese person. I'd like to get back there again. I'd like to feel strong again...in control of my mind and body.
Support is an amazing tool. I'm lucky to have a supportive husband who has decided to take this journey with me, even though he is in the military and doesn't need to lose weight.
If you've read this far, I thank you. I'm excited to continue on with detoxing my body and talking to others who are successful with sticking to this Primal way of life.
Now if I can just get out from under this sugar-less headache/fog.......