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    Awesomely Primal or over-the-top?

    Primal Fuel
    When I need ground beef for a recipe I always use grass fed. I usually pre-cook the beef and add it to whatever. Some recipes call for draining the beef… So is it awesomely primal to save that fat and eat as a snack to ensure fat adaption, or is this considered ‘too much’?

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    Grass-fed fat is awesome! Go nuts.

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    I save all of my ground beef and bacon drippings in jars in the fridge and use them all the time for stuff!

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    I rarely drain it in the first place. Like... hamburger fat in my chili is just going to add to it's awesomeness. If the dish has any other ingredients likely to soak up the fat, like veggies, then I leave it in there. But the very fattiest ground beef I can get locally is only 85% lean, so it's not REAL fatty anyways.

    I do save grease from my uncured, pastured bacon. Very few things in this world are not improved by bacon grease.

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    we just don't drain it.

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    i don't usually drain it either. if there is some pooled in the bottom of a dish after a meal, i use a spoon.
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    Quote Originally Posted by impala454 View Post
    I save all of my ground beef and bacon drippings in jars in the fridge and use them all the time for stuff!
    What do you use the ground beef drippings for?

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    You can use it as the fat to cook something else in, like sauteed veggies or mushrooms. Gives it meat flavor

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    I no longer drain my ground meats. When I cook them, I sauté my veggies at the same time and they absorb the fat and take on a wonderful flavor so I still get all those wonderful, healthy calories without having my plate swimming in fat.

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    Although there will be some fat coming off most of what needs draining from supermarket meat is far I have had no issue with grass fed.
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