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Thread: Incredible study!

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    Incredible study!

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    I just saw a kind of horizon-like program. It was called "how to be healthy". They put people in a zoo and fed them the "ancestor diet". Not like primal, but from when we were still apes. So they fed them fruit vegetables and nuts. The regular diet of these people was pre-cooked mac and cheese etc. and unbelievably: their digestion, cholesterol, insulin levels improved after replacing their mac and cheese with fruit! Conclusion: saturated fat is bad.
    well then

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gadsie View Post
    Conclusion: saturated fat is bad.
    So they made sure they eliminated all the possible confounding variables, then?


    It's hard to believe people could possibly be so stupid. A few markers improved a little (and possibly others would have worsened). But what a diet like that would actually do to someone in the long run! And it's not as if the information that would tell them that is not out there.

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