I had 3 weeks holiday in Aug/Sept, came back mid Sept, then had 5 days away in Italy, came back on Sunday. All was ok til last Tuesday when I developed really bad knee pain, then on Thursday I developed bad neck pain and on Sunday developed a really bad back pain. My husband said it was kidney trouble because I drank so much red wine on Saturday, but I didn't think so! It has all got progressively worse, so today I booked a doctors appointment. She could shed no light on it. Then this afternoon I was hit by a bolt from the blue......was it the bad food I had eaten during my holiday? Although I wasn't reallllly bad, I wasnt as diligent as I usually am, so a bit of ice cream, chips, bread, wine, vodka, battered fish slipped thru the net over the 4 weeks. I gained 17lbs.....so that tells me that I ate badly....but I wasn't expecting to have such bad joint pain in places that I have never had joint pain before!!
Could it be the effect of the bad oils, sugar etc?