I am new to Paleo and have been learning and practicing the past few months. One question that keeps coming up for me is, if you do not meet the low carb benchmarks on a given day or indulge in a "bad food" are you doing more damage to the body then if you were not eating Primal at all? Eating the additional fat and lower carbs, does it make us more sensitive to carbs when we do eat a slice of birthday cake?

Does this mean that Paleo is an all or nothing lifestyle? If so, that makes it not only hard to maintain longterm, but raises all sorts of questions in families. My kids and wife are not eating Paleo. My wife is vegetarian. My family is generally healthier in terms of whole foods & veggies & less sugar than most--but we are not completely restrictive.

I don't know how to incorporate some Paleo principles into the non-Paleo family member's diets if they are not doing it all the way. My 11 year old is not going to stop eating sugar entirely or say no to pizza--so would I be doing them more harm by having them eat full fat foods all the time?

So many people eating differently in one home is not without challenges.

I guess my primary question is this simple: if your carb intake is higher than that prescribed by Paleo are you best not eating all the additional meat and fat--that you will do more harm than if you just kept eating the way you always have?