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    Morbidly obese - how to get started exercising?

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    hI, Im new to this site but am loving what Im finding here! i have been eating primal for three days now, and have lost 4 lbs. i would like to start in incorporating exercise into my day, but am 100 pounds over weight and have very poor exercise tolerance. How do I start? Any ideas for the very obese?


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    Hi Sarah, I've lost over 180lbs now (about 50lbs of that on primal), so I know how you feel!

    The honest truth for me is that I've not found exercise to be hugely helpful as far as the weight loss goes. It certainly helps with muscle tone and energy levels, but I've not noticed that it results in more weight loss than clean eating alone does.

    That said, my approach was to find exercisey things that I enjoyed doing. Like hiking. So, the hubby and I started years ago by taking small little hikes. I think our first one was around a tiny lake near us, and I remember being so worn out after. Now we routinely do 15 mile hikes. We also love to explore cities. Just the other week, I walked from Union Square in San Francisco, wandered through Chinatown and North Beach, all the piers, the Palace of Fine Arts, down Crissy Field, over the Golden Gate Bridge, and into Sausalito. That's not something I could have ever imagined doing 180lbs ago.

    Just find something you enjoy doing and your endurance will build. And if you make sure to eat cleanly along the way, every pound you lose will help you to have more endurance.

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    Just walk for now. Seriously. It's excellent for weight loss and will get you moving. Walk everyday and try to work up your 'steps per day' to 10,000 (5 total miles throughout the entire day).

    I think the slow frequent movement part of Mark's recommendations are really key to weight loss.

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    The best thing you can do is walk. Walk as far as you feel comfortable, even if it's just to the mailbox and back or to the end of the sidewalk and back and then increase your distance little by little.

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    I also feel like I should add, take special care not to injure yourself while becoming more active. That can set you back big time. On one of our first big hikes when I was near my top weight, I pushed myself too hard, ended up tearing a calf muscle and was in a lot of pain for about a month.

    So be careful and work within your limits. Get good shoes if you need them, don't push yourself too hard, and most importantly, keep it fun or you won't be motivated to continue doing it.

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    walk. even super fit people should walk a lot.

    if you're resistant, try adding another project to it. i like the idea of taking a walk to capture a photo a day. head out with a goal to take a picture of something specific each day. so, for a week, take pictures that capture these things:
    the letter j

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    Isometric pushup attempts?
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    Doing the first step of pushups and planks that Mark suggests would be pretty good starting point in addition to the walking. Wall pushups and the hands/knees plank are easy enough and you can increase the number or time as you progress.
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    Walking is a great way to start exercising. I would also check out the book Body By Science and start working my way towards a strength training program. BBS very slow cadence makes it doable for almost anyone.

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    Walking and the modified pushups and planks that were mentioned. You could also add in the assisted squats that Mark shows on that youtube video that's out there. Sorry, no link.

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