I'm new, so be gentle with me!

I saw that Mark included quinoa on his good proteins list.....but it's a grain. And I've heard in Primal circles that rice is a more "benign" carb.

I'm entirely off grains at the moment due to digestive issues related to Crohns and wanting to do this properly. When I'm a bit better, I would like to start doing some endurance training, because I am doing the bike leg of the outlaw triathlon next year in a relay team and I'm guessing I won't be able to bike 112 miles without training a wee bit! And I know if you are doing endurance, your need for carbs is greater.

If you are doing endurance training, how do you get your increased carbs in when staying grain free? Would it be tubers/starchy veg? Or do some people have things like rice and quinoa when training?

Like I said I'm new and just curious...I've also seen that some people do 80% primal and have a bit of 20% "wiggle room". I'm not doing that at the moment, due to illness, but long term, I'm trying to find out how would be best to manage it, especially if I add endurance training into the mix when I am better.