Hi, I love what I've been learning, it has really turned on the light bulb cause primal makes so much sense. I've been yo-yo dieting for years, and I completely understand "chronic cardio" - I did so much cardio a couple decades ago that i really burned out on it and over the past 15 years have kind of gone backward. I'm glad to know there is a term for it!

I've been in the process of going primal, but I've been feeling in a mental fog the past several days, and I'm not sure what's up. I just saw another post about carb flu-due to switching fuels-can this be explained more? I've never heard of this before. Getting some information about this could help a lot!

I've been doing pretty good so far. I haven't felt like I'm being deprived, that's for sure...my rings fit again! Wow, that's a start!

Also, when I do pushups, my triceps want to cramp up very easily (kind of like a charley horse in the calf) and I don't understand why...any thoughts? Lack of vitamins?

Another thing: I can't do squats or lunges because I need a knee replacement surgery, but not really ready to get my knee sawed up, so I do what I can to avoid pain...are there alternatives to squats?

I know I have a lot of questions here, so thanks in advance if you can get through this whole thing!