This thread could easily be called middle aged miseries.

OK I'm pissed. I can lift a lot of weight. I'm really strong at my size and age of 34. Seriously I've benched twice my weight (160 and 325). I use to do a rediculoud amount for shoulder press also. I use to focus on squats and such for a while then neglected them then a year or two ago got back into em.

Got back into em and was getting a bit heavy .....till two weeks ago got a hernia. Hurt like hell, but I went through the next workout a week later anyhow cause I'm an asshole. Hell this was in HIT style 1x/week stuff. I'm still pissed. I've been steadily increasing my work each weak. I'm just venting. It's actually a small hernia but the fucker hurts. I'm in the health care field so I know some stuff. I'll probably send myself for a CT to delay the inevitable confirmation (and radiation).

Any post surgical folks around? I like the idea of watch and wait. Seems there was a trial done with 700 plus males that indicated that as long as it didn't impede on your lifestyle there was no need to get the surgery unless it got bigger and more painful. I plan to continue exercising ( done it my whole life anyhow) . Its a contest between getting it done now or later I suppose. Its a "direct hernia" that I can feel cause I actually know how to find it on myself in position and with pressure. If I were to go to a GP he would likely not ever find it. CT will confirm though. Still venting, but general advice still welcome.