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Thread: I only get injured when attemptin to better myself.

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    I tend to injure myself doing stupid shit like getting up off the floor or getting a coat out of the closet... damn hypermobile joints.

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    Dude, I totally understand why you may want to power through your injury but in the long run, you are better off letting your body rest up.

    Im 32 and have been weight training since I was 14 years old. I actually regret going hard in the gym for so long and powering through naggin injuries because my body and joints have a lot of miles on them. More than I wish they did. I think that if you train with high intensity for an extended period of time, injuries are just par for the course. You got to give yourself an "off season" sometimes.

    I had a partial pec tear 4 years ago and since then, injury prevention is a much bigger throught in my mind going forward. Whats the point of doing all these major lifts, getting really strong when in the process you end up injuring yourself permanently, or permanently buggering your joints or lower back that you know have to live with going forward for the rest of your life?

    As I get older I think more about longevity and so take more rest days and Im much more quick to back off if Im not feeling 100%. I hope you get well but just keep in mind why we all train in the first place - to be better versions of ourselves. Injuries don't help that cause at all so take care of yourself.

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